Oldclassical northindian Dhrupad music

Short rendition of an Indian classical Dhrupad performance

Video by Dave Masu 2019

Improvisation in Raag Ahir Bhairav. Die verschiedenen Elemente einer traditionellen Dhrupad Aufführung werden demonstriert.

Improvisation in Raag Ahir Bhairav. The various elements of a traditional Dhrupad performance will be demonstrated.

Improvisation in Raag Marwa (houseconcert 2021, fullversion)

Can you hear the rays of the sun in Raag Marwa? the sun has just set – but the rays still dominate the sky….

Improvisation in Raag Baageshri (concert at Waterchurch 2019, excerpt)

Alaap Part 1
Alaap Part 2
foto in front of the Waterchurch by Michaela di Savino

Composed Bandish „Pyare Guruji” (2020)

in Hindi, set by Aana in Raag Adana and Tivrataal, accompanied by Pakavaji Hrydeesh, teached in Bhopal to a group of Dhrupad students.

Live handyvideo 2020 from a workshop given to Dhrupad students in Bhopal


Dearest Guruji, from you we learnt how to listen, how to sing and more than 50 Raga. We learnt about Shrutis, melodies and rhythms. You showed the world the universe of Dhrupad in a very sublime and subtle way.

You are gone now – alone! – we are so sad. What happened is done now… Is this all an illusion? Please take our greetings on your way, our hearts are full of thanksfulness! Dearest Guruji, we salute you respectfully, A….

«Indian Ave Maria» (concert 2018)

From composed Gregorian Chant to improvised Raag Kafi. With Lyrics.


Studiofoto 2022 by Iris Dressler