«Singing Dhrupad requires understanding, listening and an open voice.»

Aana in her musicatelier in 8053 Zürich

Aana’s teaching settings are:

  • Private lessons and group workshops
  • online and Face 2 Face teaching

Her teachings comprehend a training of:

  • Meditation: awareness, concentration
  • Breathing awareness and techniques (Pranayam Yoga)
  • Skills to analyze and listen to music
  • Improvisation by mind and by intuition
  • Feeling for speed and rhythm
  • Rhythm cycles with 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16 beats
  • Find your own pitch and voice
  • Flowing open stable voice
  • Kriyas: techniques of voice like Meend, Gamak
  • Knowledge about musical systems and it’s rules
  • Feeling for right frequency, resonance and harmonies

Naad Yoga is the meeting of the of the inner and the outer world – over the tool of sound. Dhrupad Music is the outer part of Naad Yoga, the musical expression. Naad Yoag in a straight sense is the listening of the unstruck sound. Mantra Chanting is the repeated utterance of energetically loaded syllables and keywords. Dhrupad derives from the Mantra «Om Anata Hari Narayan» and uses socalled Nomtom Syllables without meaning. So Naad Yoga, Dhrupad Music and Mantra Chanting are interrelated. Just the focus is slightly different.

Another conceptual illustration by Aana to foster understanding:

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