Formation Cycle

Choral Opera (Neue Musik. Free improvisation, spiritual atmospheric music, soundtrack)

by Trio: Aana Sharma (Vocals, recitation, Tanpura, CH), Willy Strehler (Vocals, electronic effects, CH) and Naoyuki Manabe (Sho/japanese flute, Japan)

Part I Mundane cycle: Humans are rolling in the cycle of rebirth. Stucking in this very world. Never reaching a point of satisfaction. It is an un-cozy painful situation. Suffering! This opera is sacral interreligious music, which is expressing the struggle to come out of this cycle. A slightly threatening space, a non-easy beauty.

will be uploaded soon

Part II Supramundane cycle: there is a way out to illumination. Having realized suffering, there is a motivation to come out. Having had first exeriences of success, motivation and joy is coming up and giving strength to proceed in this path. This second part has to be created still.