» Singing Dhrupad is a mental-emotional journey, a timeless ride through the universe.» Aana

Aana can be booked as Aana & Willy:

Aana founded the project WisdomWordZ: electronical Techno Trance Music focused on wisdom word source text intonations – the result is innovatiive electroacustic muusic with danceable beats and high flying sounds, which enable the audience to go into a Trance! Aana & Willx started their collaboration in summer 2021 and going on tour first time in autumn 2021.


Aana can be booked as Dhrupad Yogini: SOLO DHRUPAD Vocal with Tanpura

A traditional Dhrupad concert contains the part Alaap (slow and meditative), Jod (Rhythm picks up), Jhala (Rhythme speeds up), Bandish (song with improvisation). The vocalist is accompanied by the drone instruments Tanpura and the horizontal drum Pakhavaj.

All is improvised and throughout the performance the sound itself remains in the focus. A Raag is shown in all its deepness and with its particularities -microtonal precise. The performance is about tension and release, question and answer. It is a communication between the listener, the singer and the universe. It is Naad Yoga! The more one is able to focus the mind and concentrate, the more intense the bliss will be.

Depending on the daytime and season a Raag is chosen, which is the energetical equivalent of the outer physical state. The story goes, that the Rishis or sages was searching the way how to merge with nature, and they found it in the Dhrupadmusic and it’s Raga.